Friday, May 20, 2011


Saying a prayer for my husband, he was admitted to hospital earlier with a migraine but he has many health issues and it could be an indicator that something else is going on. Waiting on blood results.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I just wanted to share a couple of family pics of my wonderful husband and beautiful children. Despite my little lost butterflies, I am so blessed to hold two in my arms every day :) I pray for the same blessings for any of you who are waiting to hold yours in your arms one day. Sending love and peace to you all tonight xxx
Snugs with Mama <3

Lucy at 11 weeks with her Dad-dad

Speaks for itself really doesn't it :)

Love this pic

Family photo, Jordan was almost 4, and Lucy was just weeks away from joining our family :)

Very pregnant :) about 36 weeks with Lucy

My beautiful boy, my first born - Jordan Max - almost 5 years old now :)

My husband and darling daughter at 9 months

Cheeky miss ;) covered in chocolate, having just been caught knocking over a large clock :P

Pic by Carly Dudley - Lucy at 9 weeks :)

Little Lucy Goosie at 9 weeks, taken by Carly
Love this one :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Still looking for that elusive butterfly :) I have a few cookie cutters which look like they'd make gorgeous Tags but seeing them in clay they just aren't inspiring unfortunately. I got a really pretty one from House (a kitchen store) today - on the advice of Kylie Darbey :) - and it was so pretty! But I made a Tag just now and not so great :( That's ok, it'll go in my drawer and I'll make very pretty cookies out of it for my daughter's birthday!
One success I have had on the other hand is getting a start on my christmas collection :) Eek! So very excited! I found the sweetest little angel shape at House and I've made a couple of samples, they're super cute, even while wet still! I'll spend a couple of months working on my collection and then release them well in time for Christmas :) I think I'll do a bunch of pre-mades, and then if I can find a snowflake or bauble shape that would be big enough for your childs names then I'll give you all the opportunity to order an ornament for your tree with your childs name on. They'll be very simple but just beautiful. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on :)
Damn... now I feel like cookies and a coffee.

A beautiful evening

Last night I hung out with some of my Luminous Light girls - Carly and Keelin, plus the fabulous Mrs Sue Jordan and a lovely friend Sarah Pledger. We started off at the Children's Beach and despite the heavy cloud cover (which all but blocked a brilliant pink sunset) we hung out there for ages. I just got a new camera and I'm having fun testing it out, taking some beautiful pics of my kids and I managed to get some gorgeous shots of a dark and broody sky. The beautiful thing was that there were cracks in the clouds where you could see shots of pink sunset which would have blanketed the sky if not for the clouds. Just stunning. Here are a few pics from last night :) xxx

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A beautiful day :)

So today was just awesome. I got to meet the Fabulous Sue Jordan and see her truly BEAUTIFUL work. This woman is just gorgeous, and generous :) Oh man. This girl brought tears to my eyes when she handed us a beautiful handmade necklace each which she had designed specifically for us Luminous Light girls :) It's quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I've worn :)

I will add a pic of it tomorrow morning as artificial light is crap and does NOTHING justice.

Also a bit of random stuff -

I've gotten myself a decent camera :) YAY! Proud to say I've joined the Canon EOS community :)

I'm taking a bit of a break from creating and filling orders, I've had a few disasters lately and need to change the clay I work with, it's coming all the way from TEXAS so it may take a while to get here. I will be honoring all the current orders at the old price but will have to put my prices up just a tad (a couple of dollars most likely) to cover the extra cost of the clay. But rest assured, for the extra expense your Tag will have more strength and consequently a longer life. Looking forward to tinkering around with it :)

Sending love and light and everything good to you all tonight. xxx