Sunday, May 15, 2011


Still looking for that elusive butterfly :) I have a few cookie cutters which look like they'd make gorgeous Tags but seeing them in clay they just aren't inspiring unfortunately. I got a really pretty one from House (a kitchen store) today - on the advice of Kylie Darbey :) - and it was so pretty! But I made a Tag just now and not so great :( That's ok, it'll go in my drawer and I'll make very pretty cookies out of it for my daughter's birthday!
One success I have had on the other hand is getting a start on my christmas collection :) Eek! So very excited! I found the sweetest little angel shape at House and I've made a couple of samples, they're super cute, even while wet still! I'll spend a couple of months working on my collection and then release them well in time for Christmas :) I think I'll do a bunch of pre-mades, and then if I can find a snowflake or bauble shape that would be big enough for your childs names then I'll give you all the opportunity to order an ornament for your tree with your childs name on. They'll be very simple but just beautiful. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on :)
Damn... now I feel like cookies and a coffee.


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Can't wait to see the Christmas ornaments! I would love to order some!! Sorry the other cutters aren't working for ya!

Amy said...

You're a doll :) xx Thanks x

Bec said...

Oh Amy I will keep my eyes open for you. I have a gorgeous butterfly cookie cutter I bought from a local cake store but it would be too big for your tags, but I am sure they would have smaller ones. I will have a look next time I am there ;-) Cant wait to see the Christmas Collection x x

Amy said...

Thankyou Bec :) what a sweetie :) I'm not too fussy with the size, roughly the size of the palm of your hand is good. It mostly needs to be simple, the ones I've got are too intricate. Would you mind sending me a pic of the one you have and where you got it from? Are we friends on FB yet? Friend me (if you like!) I'd love to see it! xx

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