Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last night after hearing some very sad news from a new friend I went browsing through looking for a pretty candle picture.

I found this one :) isn't it divine?!

So I hopped to it immediately and made my own
Pretty chuffed with the outcome :)

So I lit this candle, had it burning in my office for a little while, and because I desperately didn't want to blow out the light, I brought it to bed with me and it burned quietly and peacefully while I slept.

I love how candles can change a mood, lift the spirits, create a beautiful quiet space for reflection.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute little bottoms!

So this is completely unrelated to my Tags (except for the fact it comes under the handmade banner!) I've become OBSESSED with the handmade craze that is taking over the world! I've been hoping desperately to get hold of some frilly nappy (diaper) covers for my girl who is teeny tiny and crawling :) She honestly has the littlest bottom on any baby I've ever seen, and it needs a big frilly nappy cover to boost it up a bit! Unfortunately they're so popular that the really nice ones are snapped up so quickly online that I always miss out!!!
So I googled it and found this ADORABLE blog by this girl who has these cute little ideas. I am now going to attempt to make my own frilly bottomed nappy covers - and if I enjoy it enough, I may just join the craze and sell them too!!
Check it out xxx

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Pretty hey :) It was sitting happily in the middle of a public garden last year when I was on a little weekend away with my husband. I'm loving pinks right now, my daughters room is littered in baby pink and pale grassy greens. And I'm loving the orders flooding into my inbox for pink butterflies :) x

Monday, April 11, 2011

All things pretty

On the advice of my friends, I am going to start blogging.
Yesterday was fabulous :) Aside from almost setting my kitchen on fire 3 TIMES, it was a productive day!Us girls form Luminous Light (Keelin, Carly, Emma, and myself and Carly's mum joined us too) met up at my place for some good food and to create LOTS of Tags for our International Babylost Mothers Day morning tea. We hope to have a little gift pack for every mumma that attends, we got about 60 of them made so I think we should be right! It was a lot of fun, and we've come up with some great ideas, Carly is amazing, seriously that girl's brain NEVER switches off LOL - it's going to be one very exciting year :)
I have my studio/office in my dining room haha it's the perfect spot to keep all my bits and pieces, and we usually eat dinner on our laps so the dining table is happy to be useful finally! I love what I do, and what I create, but I'm never sure what others will think, that's why I was SO encouraged yesterday when the girls walked in and LOVED my space :) these little ideas that inspire me turned out to inspire them also, which feels amazing to be validated in that way.
Also Carly came up with an idea based on something I have in my space, she'll be blogging about it sometime today, so I wont spoil the surprise but it's definitely worth checking out!!
Here are some photos Carls took of my space, the little nooks that are decorated with pretty little things inspire me, and my space beckons me to it when I'm busy being mum and wife, just waiting for me to return and get my hands dirty!
little pockets of inspiration
tags ready for painting
creating in progress (Carly's stash)
my inspiration board - anything that grabs my attention, makes me feel good, or looks pretty goes here
it's only a few days old, so I'm still building on it, can't wait until it's full of inspiration!!!