Monday, April 11, 2011

All things pretty

On the advice of my friends, I am going to start blogging.
Yesterday was fabulous :) Aside from almost setting my kitchen on fire 3 TIMES, it was a productive day!Us girls form Luminous Light (Keelin, Carly, Emma, and myself and Carly's mum joined us too) met up at my place for some good food and to create LOTS of Tags for our International Babylost Mothers Day morning tea. We hope to have a little gift pack for every mumma that attends, we got about 60 of them made so I think we should be right! It was a lot of fun, and we've come up with some great ideas, Carly is amazing, seriously that girl's brain NEVER switches off LOL - it's going to be one very exciting year :)
I have my studio/office in my dining room haha it's the perfect spot to keep all my bits and pieces, and we usually eat dinner on our laps so the dining table is happy to be useful finally! I love what I do, and what I create, but I'm never sure what others will think, that's why I was SO encouraged yesterday when the girls walked in and LOVED my space :) these little ideas that inspire me turned out to inspire them also, which feels amazing to be validated in that way.
Also Carly came up with an idea based on something I have in my space, she'll be blogging about it sometime today, so I wont spoil the surprise but it's definitely worth checking out!!
Here are some photos Carls took of my space, the little nooks that are decorated with pretty little things inspire me, and my space beckons me to it when I'm busy being mum and wife, just waiting for me to return and get my hands dirty!
little pockets of inspiration
tags ready for painting
creating in progress (Carly's stash)
my inspiration board - anything that grabs my attention, makes me feel good, or looks pretty goes here
it's only a few days old, so I'm still building on it, can't wait until it's full of inspiration!!!


Natasha said...

Love seeing where you work Amy!!!! The blog looks great so far!!!!

Emma said...

Love the blog Amy! Great work!

Sue said...

Good stuff Amy, You may enspire me yet to get my Blog thing happening. I have a sign in my work room that reads "Do whay you love chase your dreams" I hope your little tags help a lot of people and that they can feel love they are made with then they get them. Love and ligh Sue

Carly Marie said...


Sweet Angels said...

hi Amy, love this....i just read carly blog and was so glad to see she decided to make an inspiration board/ memory board too... the first thing i did this morning after reading was go out and buy a big canvas and some string..then i read carly's and was glad i wasnt the only one.. THANK YOU for the inspiration.. love Jo Mills

Amy said...

Thanks girls! :)
Sue you should so definitely do it. I know NOTHING about all of this. Seriously I was like 'Carly I don't know how to do all of this!!' and she's like 'It doesn't matter, that's the fun bit lol' I'll get Francesca to sort it all out for me I think lol
Jo - that is AWESOME!!! Please post/send pics of your board as it grows! That was what we all talked about yesterday, getting everyone to make their own memory/mood/inspiration boards and we'd love for everyone to share their inspiration :) It's such a wonderful thing :)
Love you Carls!! xx

Tiffany said...

your space is just lovely! the photos are just inspirational!! and YAY to have Genesis' tag in your photos <3

Amy said...

Yes, she's made quite the impression on me your girl :) I'm excited to send it to you but sad to see it go :) x

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Love seeing your inspiration and work space!

Amy said...

Thanks hun xx

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