Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute little bottoms!

So this is completely unrelated to my Tags (except for the fact it comes under the handmade banner!) I've become OBSESSED with the handmade craze that is taking over the world! I've been hoping desperately to get hold of some frilly nappy (diaper) covers for my girl who is teeny tiny and crawling :) She honestly has the littlest bottom on any baby I've ever seen, and it needs a big frilly nappy cover to boost it up a bit! Unfortunately they're so popular that the really nice ones are snapped up so quickly online that I always miss out!!!
So I googled it and found this ADORABLE blog by this girl who has these cute little ideas. I am now going to attempt to make my own frilly bottomed nappy covers - and if I enjoy it enough, I may just join the craze and sell them too!!
Check it out xxx


Anonymous said...

I LOVE frilly cute nickers (nappy covers) I NEVER EVER put saoirse in a dress without a pair. They are super cute :) x

Amy said...

Keels where do you get yours? I've gotten a few from Pumpkin Patch but have been desperately wanting to get some from Georgie Girl but there are thousands of women swarming like sharks when she releases hers lol. I have NO chance hahaha. So I'll be making some. :)

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