Saturday, June 25, 2011


So I don't have a HUGE amount of confidence in myself. I mean, I don't do too badly, but I'm not the most confident person. So every time I get to almost finish all the orders that have been waiting I think ''Surely that's it right? My work can't be good enough, or popular enough to have more people wanting them, surely?'' And every time, without fail, when I get to the end of my wait list, I find another little email from another bereaved mum, requesting something beautiful to honor their baby, or their friend's baby.

While I'm excited to see that yes, people do love what I do, it devastates me to know that there is another mum without her beloved babe, another mum (or dad) experiencing the most devastating grief imagineable.

So now I think, maybe it's not so much that I'm doubting the beauty of my work, but more that I'm desperately hoping that surely there can't be another sad story out there... another parent that can't hold their baby in their arms each day.

Though logic knows that this will NEVER end. That there will always be the presence of this most torturous grief.

In memory of my 3 girls lost in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
(Photo by Carly Dudley)


Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

How true. I, too, carry the hope that there will be no more parents who have to endure the overwhelming grief. Sadly, I know that around the world right now, thousands of parents have just said their goodbye. I can hear their hearts break from where I sit. May all of us who have borne this find peace.

Franchesca said...

Oh I totally agree. I think the same thing. It aches my heart to know another family has experienced such a great loss when I find out the blog design is usually for a baby lost mama or daddy. Our work will always be bittersweet I think. xx

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