Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What a lazy blogger I've been lately!!! It's been one thing or another for the last 4 months, honestly. I'm sooooo sick of having excuses for not keeping up with orders, or my housework... but it's been a crappy illness filled winter, and I've just entered my second trimester with lil Jelly Bean, my 3rd babe. Fortunately it has been a morning sickness free pregnancy, but in exchange for that I was hit with the most unbearable lethargy. Like, I'm an incurable night owl, can't help myself ;) but guaranteed for about 8 weeks I'd be in bed by 7.30 at the latest, as soon as I got my daughter settled in bed I'd be off there myself. The great thing now is I've got SO MUCH ENERGY!!! God bless the second trimester! Now I'm just itching to get stuck into my orders and my sewing which has been teasing me with it's beautiful fabrics just begging to be made into something super cute... also if you haven't already, go on over to my new page Little Treasures (on facebook) as I'm expanding my business and need a new page for it (booooooooooo to facebook for not allowing us to change the names of our pages!) and I will be closing down my Treasure Tags page shortly.

Love to you all - I have the next blog subject all lined up ready to go, just need some time to do it xxx


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